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Pasir Gudang City Council is responsible for protecting the environment by ensuring its activities and other activities in its administrative area by prioritizing environmental and environmentally friendly aspects through Excellent Management, Glorious Services to make Pasir Gudang Clean, Beautiful and Comfortable to live in.



In line with the MBPG Vision and Mission, our Top Management will ensure adequate resources for the implementation of the environmental management system and environmental protection activities.


MBPG will carry out all activities at all levels taking into account the following commitments:


  • Commitment to protect the environment in the MBPG administrative area
  • Commitment to prevent pollution through the enforcement of the Environmental By-Laws
  • Commitment to obligations to comply with environmental laws & stakeholders
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and effectiveness of environmental management system & environmental performance


To support the above commitments, MBPG will ensure that the skills and knowledge of employees increase through continuous exposure and training & collaborate with manufacturers, NGOs, property developers, investors, Pasir Gudang residents & other stakeholders to empower community and make Pasir Gudang Clean, Beautiful and Comfortable inhabited.