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Community Programme
   This programme more converging to free programme which runs on cooperation of a diverse of agencies and related NGO such as Jabatan Hal Ehwal Indigenous People (JHEOA), District Health Office, Waqaf's Clinic, Charity Fund Pasir Gudang, Fatherless And Less Fortunate Child Welfare House (Darul Hanan), Darul Family Development's Foundation Obsequious (YPKDT) etc. Programme which held are involving cooperation programme, awareness campaign, sports activity, food aid / clothes etc.           

Pasir Gudang Municipal Council record depth thank you to all part / agencies / NGO had given inside cooperation succeed programmes which held all this while and hope so that this such cooperation can be continued in the next times for ensure Indigenous people and group society which required continue to be reared and get attention realistic.

Any query, please contact :-

Puan Rahamah
Community Department
Pasir Gudang Municipal Council
Tel : 07-2513720
Fax : 07-2515260
Emel :


Visit Programme

  Visit programme which aims to approach with a lot more closer of indigenous people with conduct visit house to house dianggota by Pasir Gudang Municipal Council's employee. Through this programme, aborigine life style knowable with profounder beside could provide exposure are mainly from care angle self and environment.  
Extra Classes



To be held on each Sunday are located in Balairaya that village. Class conducted by Cikgu Halim (Sek Keb's Teacher Pasir Gudang 1) by involving basic education read, write and count (3M). Yet response which gave by Indigenous people children in that village was very encouraging where about 30 kids involved in that programme.

One of Indigenous people's child from Kg Pasir Salam also namely Adik Kek bin Laile now accommodated at Orphanage and Less Fortunate (Darul Hanan) and studying in Sek Men Keb Pasir Gudang 1. This effort is made to enabled him receive education academic more perfect.