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Iskandar Malaysia Bus Service System

The Iskandar Malaysia Bus Service is a collaboration between the Johor State Government and Pasukan Pengangkutan Awam Iskandar Malaysia (PAIM) under the supervision of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) and controlled by selected bus companies in Iskandar Malaysia.

Through this initiative, 34 buses are already in operation on 16 social routes since 19th December last year, simultaneously catering to the public living in the developing areas of Iskandar Malaysia and also establishing access to various social and economic benefits for the whole community.

Equipped with GPS and CCTV as well as controlled by selected operators and trained drivers, the Iskandar Malaysia Bus Service is set to provide an accessible service that is efficient, comfortable and safe to social routes. Focus is emphasised on the excellent performances of bus operators which will be continuously monitored based on the KPI provided by PAIM.

Khidmat Mesra Komuniti Selasa

For Any Feedback: Dial 1-800-88-3010

Syarikat Pengangkutan Maju Bhd
Tel: 07-2370271
Syarikat Kenderaan S&S Sdn Bhd
Tel: 013-7771246
Handal Indah sdn Bhd
Tel: 07-3582244
Sms: 012-7178080

IM12 RouteIM13 RouteIM14 RouteIM15 Route
Masai Terminal
Pasir Gudang Terminal
Darul Hanan
Junction of Tmn Bukit Dahlia
Junction of Tmn Cendana
Tmn Cendana
Junction of Tmn Kota Masai
TS Hotel
Impian Scientex
Politeknik Pasir Gudang
Bulatan Heliconia
Junction of Kg Kopok baru
Tmn Desa Rakyat
Kg Pasir Putih
Bernas Rice Factory
Jln Pekeliling Traffic Lights
Jln Besar
Tmn Air Biru Bus Stop
Jln Perjiranan 9/5
Perumahan Bakti 2
Pasir Gudang Terminal
Jln Masjid
Esso Tmn Cendana
Masai Kip Mart
Masai Terminal
Masai Terminal
Bkt Dahlia KFC
Pasir Gudang Terminal
Tasek Perdana
Junction of Bkt Dahlia
Persiaran Cendana
Lake Hill
Persiaran Scientex 1 & 2
Nusa Damai
Pasir Gudang Terminal
Jln Bandar Traffic Lights
Jln Keluli 10
Hitachi Chemical
Junction of Jln Keluli 10 / Jln Bandar
Tmn Pasir Putih Traffic Lights
Sek Men Tmn Pasir Putih
Jln Siakap 1
Masjid Tmn Pasir Putih
Jln Ciku Tmn Kota Masai
Jln Manggis Kota Masai
Jln Pulasan Kota Masai
Jln Kota Masai 2
Jln Tembikai
Masai Terminal


Syarikat Pengangkutan Maju Sdn. Bhd.
Syarikat Pengangkutan Maju Sdn. Bhd. started its business in the Pasir Gudang area on 1 March 1987. This bus service has facilitated the public especially factory workers working in the nearby areas. To increase more facilities in the Kompleks Pusat Bandar Pasir Gudang, a taxi stand was built in 1993 to facilitate those who visit Pasir Gudang. With this service, the route from Pasir Gudang to Masai, Johore Bahru and other areas are much easier. The public has an option to choose between these two services.


Bus and Taxi Stop

In providing a comfort facilities to bus and taxi commuters, a new bus and taxi stop has been built and started operation in June 2000. With the construction of this facility, these transportation system are more organized. This stop is equipped with sheltered seats and near to food stalls in Kompleks Pusat Bandar.

Air Services

Terminal Udara KLIA
Terminal Udara Sultan Ismail, Senai, Johor 

Bus Services

From Kuala Lumpur to Pasir Gudang Bus Station – Fare: RM 3+.++
From East Coast to Pasir Gudang Bus Station – Fare: RM 4+.++
From Larkin Bus Terminal, Johor Bahru to Pasir Gudang Bus Terminal - RM5.00 ++, journey distance: 30 KM (45 minutes)

Taxi Service

From Larkin Taxi Terminal, Johor Bahru - 38 KM ( 30 minutes to 45 minutes )
Taxi Fare - RM 11.00 per seat
From Pasir Gudang Taxi Station to Pasir Gudang Taxi Terminal - 30 KM
Taxi Fare - RM 3.00 per seat